I am a Design-driven product leader and Service/Product Designer. I use design thinking methods to explore ideas through user story mapping, ideation sessions, rapid prototyping, and user testing to capture requirements for a lovable solution. I'm an ambassador for Design culture; I believe in including customers, users, developers, and business stakeholders as the recipe for lovable user experiences in the end.

During my many years in start-up and scale phases, with limited resources and money to hit the massive market, I also apply a "don't reinvent the wheel" research to define new concepts. I always start with what we already know, how other similar successful services have solved the specific problem, read up on UX practices, user behavior trends, what drives user engagement, and what will make our product gain a competitive advantage. Many valuable insights and inspiration will contribute to the outcome we want to accomplish.

In my product responsibilities, I make sure we identify, prioritize and understand the user needs for the product development or target improvements needs, with the whole customer journey, personas, and touch-points in mind.

In my Design responsibilities, I turn user needs of business possibilities into solutions with a design for the user flow that is easy to use and provides for an engaging and value-providing user experience by using Figma. I work from concept to the smallest component in tight collaboration with my development team to ensure we find the possibilities and the lowest effort solution from a technical perspective.

Hey! I'm Mikaela Frisk.
I value;
collaboration, teamwork, curiosity, empathy & kindness
I'm a multidisciplinary Service/Product Designer and Agile product leader who loves solving complex problems and bringing actual value into people's lives by balancing the user needs technical limitations, and business objectives.

I highly enjoy being involved in the entire product design & development process – from initial research phases to the actual UI design of the product, acting as UX/UI designer, or leading the design team and process.

As a designer and product leader, I apply an agile, hypothesis, and data-driven mindset. I stay agile, iterate, ship prototypes weekly to test solutions early, and excel learning.

I welcome wireframes in the ideation phase; it provides creativity through post-its, pen, and paper for all participants, to visualize ideas, map flows & journeys, etc. In prototyping, I apply mid/hi-fidelity from day one. Nor do I create complex UX documents; documents don't solve customer problems, great UX of products do. I iterate a lot, ship prototypes weekly, and test my prototypes early to excel user learnings.

I believe the future path of products comes from the understanding "What next makes users want to use the product, not used once, used frequently."

I value collaboration, teamwork, curiosity, kindness, human-centric, and a let's try and learn mindset as my foundation for great products, design, and culture.
Hey! I'm Mikaela Frisk
I value;
collaboration, teamwork, curiosity, empathy and kindness