Hi! I’m a Sweden based experimental driven UX designer at your service
I'm a research-driven explorer, delving into the user's world to unlock the secrets of exceptional experiences and formulating hypotheses based on their needs. I facilitate ideation sessions with stakeholders and developers, where creativity flows like a vibrant river. I turn ideas prototypes by Figma to gain valuable user feedback and continuously refine the design to create an experience that enchants the users.

With an unwavering passion, my heart pulsates to create impactful solutions that not only achieve business goals but also profoundly touch the lives of users.
Skills and tools
Frequently used skills
Design thinking process
Qualitative User resarch
Quantitative User research
Workshop facilitation
UX lead
UX planning and prioritisation
Usability testing
User flow and empathy mapping
UI Design
Market analysis
Conceptual prototyping
Cross functional colabs
Design systems
Problem solving mindset
Problem solving mindset
User data analysis
Frequently used tools
Material Design