“What will make people want to use the product?”
Human-centric design, the concept of motivation, value, and meaning
Of course, to have the "must" function in place to do the job, the user flows to provide a convenient and pleasant user experience are essential. Today, our focus is on what users want, what they need, instead of being obsessed about, how they feel and how we want them to feel.

This way of applying design makes the differentiator if we compare two similar products. Products that have a similar user flow, with similar branding, target the same audience, and provide the same set of features. What will make people use one of the products more?

Also, add the fact, "40-60% of users who sign up for a free trial of your application will use it once, and never come back" - Does that apply to your product?

Greater cause
Fun & Rewarding
Can the user appeal to a greater cause of some sort or create an opportunity to help other people?
How does the product make the user feel accomplished? Does it have any visual progression or elements guidance and challenges?
Own choices
Does the product give the user multiple choices to reach a goal or boosters or skills to personalize the use?
Can the product instill a sense of ownership by giving the user objects to collect? Or, is there room to personalize content?
Can the product provide forms of communication between existing and new users? Is there room for feedback, creativity, to relate to?
What rooms do your product have to add elements of exclusivity or limited opportunities? (VIP, rarity, overcoming tough challenges, etc.)
Does your product provide a bit of randomness or chance to the experience? To raise the attention of the unexpected.

Engage to stay
Is there a way to engage the user to keep using the product that appeals to future rewards and a sense of loss if they quit?
of users who sign up, will use it once, and never come back"
Intercom research study
What possibilities can be added to your product,
by these scientific human behavior core drivers?