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The results of my research and design contribution in product development initiatives
TRR 2023 - UX Designer - Desktop, Mobile
Increase the number of clients with an active job matching profil
By encouraging users who have not yet created a job matching profile to do so when they are searching for job openings, we expect to increase the number of relevant job opportunities presented to them, leading to a higher likelihood of finding a job that aligns with their qualifications and preferences.
TRR 2022-23 - UX Designer - Desktop, Mobile
Find activities that support your carrier path
By providing a solution for finding and booking career-enhancing activities, we expect to see increased user participation, skill development, and networking opportunities. Additionally, we anticipate that users who actively utilize this platform will experience tremendous career growth
TRR 2022-23 - UX Designer - Desktop, Mobile
Find candidates that match your recruitment need
By utilize an advanced algorithm that considers factors like skills, qualifications, and experience to match candidates with unique hiring needs; we hypothesize that they will be presented with a curated list of candidates who closely align with the specific requirements of the job. As a result, we expect to see an increase in the efficiency and accuracy of the hiring process, leading to a higher likelihood of finding the ideal candidates for the job.
TRR 2022 - UX Designer - Desktop, Mobile
Spend less time searching and more time applying.
By offer job seekers to create a comprehensive job match profile that effectively aligns their skills and interests, we predict that they will receive job offers from potential employers that closely match their qualifications and preferences. Furthermore, we expect that individuals with well-crafted job match profiles will experience a higher likelihood of finding job openings that bring greater job satisfaction and fulfillment.
TRR 2022 - UX Designer - Desktop, mobile
Start your own business - Salary and Cost Coverage
By helping new entrepreneurs to calculate the required revenue and cost structure for generating their desired salary, we predict that they will be better equipped to achieve entrepreneurial success. By leveraging this tool, we expect that entrepreneurs will gain valuable insights into the financial aspects of their business venture, allowing them to make informed decisions, set realistic financial goals, and ensure profitability.
Savvy match 2022 - UX Designer - Mobile
Effortless skill-based job matching
If job seekers and recruiters utilize a skill-based matching platform, we hypothesize that job seekers will be connected with positions that precisely align with their qualifications and skillset. Overall, using this platform is expected to result in better job matches and increased success for both job seekers and recruiters.
Baemingo 2021 - UX Designer - Webb, Mobile
Get started! How to set up the application
If users utilize the onboarding guide for setting up online and in-store sales, we predict that they will be able to efficiently complete the process with just a few clicks, eliminating the hassle typically associated with such setups. Ultimately, using this onboarding guide is expected to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of setting up sales channels, benefiting users by simplifying the entire process.
Leeroy 2017-20 - Service design, UX lead - Mobile
Every guest of a restaurant brand can easily place orders and get rewarded for their brand loyalty
If diners use the white label app for ordering their favorite food and receiving enticing loyalty rewards, we hypothesize that they will have an enhanced dining experience. By utilizing this app, we expect diners to enjoy a seamless and user-friendly ordering process, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, we anticipate that the enticing loyalty rewards offered through the app will incentivize repeat visits and increased spending at participating restaurants, benefiting both diners and businesses.
Baemingo - UX Designer - Webb, Mobile
Add and update inventory
If store employees utilize the inventory management platform, we hypothesize that they can effortlessly track available items and their availability in various sales channels. By leveraging this platform, we expect store employees to experience a more streamlined and efficient inventory management process, reducing stockouts and improving overall inventory accuracy. Ultimately, the successful adoption of this inventory management platform is expected to lead to better inventory control and improved operational efficiency for businesses.
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